A unique place / two rivers

Destination Limeuil

Canoës Limeuil welcomes you to LIMEUIL (24), one of the “MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN FRANCE” at the confluence of the Dordogne and the Vézère, single site in EUROPE. Accessible to all, this sport and leisure activity can be practiced as a family, in a group, between friends and from 5 years.


Two Rivers

Descend at your own pace and in complete safety two of the most beautiful rivers in Périgord.



Wander along the VEZERE “SITE WORLD DE LA PREHISTOIRE” river, in a green setting and preserved nature.



Discover the prestigious sites overlooking the DORDOGNE (castles, troglodyte dwellings, caves...).


Car park

In LIMEUIL, you will find car parks near the Base Canoës Limeuil. Access to the base is done in a few minutes.

pique nique


Many small accessible beaches will encourage you to taste the joys of swimming or picnics.

beach family


On your arrival, extend the day by enjoying the beaches of Limeuil, and visiting this village classified as "MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN FRANCE"

Our Two


We offer you 4 routes for each of our 2 rivers, with a unique atmosphere: Dordogne or Vézère.
Our courses last from 1 hour (for the shortest) to 4h30/5h for the longest!
We drop you off, with our vehicle and all the equipment,

at your starting point upstream of each of the rivers and return at your own pace to Limeuil!

Our courses last from 1 hour (for the shortest) to a day for the longest!

Dordogne Courses

Vézère Courses

6 Castles on the 2 Rivers

2 to 4 days of adventure

Nouveauté 2022, cette excursion exceptionnelle organisée sur 2 à 4 jours à votre convenance offre un dépaysement total. Une aventure orientée 100% nature, lors de laquelle vous découvrirez la beauté des 2 rivières et  6 châteaux parmi les plus beaux de la région. Possibilité de bénéficier de canoës avec dossiers ; n’hésitez pas à le demander !